Are You Ready?

                      Exiting Your Business is Never Just a Transaction

How Ready Are You? 

Building a successful business is no easy proposition. You have likely spent many years working incredibly hard and dealing with all manner of challenges. You have proven that you are uniquely wired for building a business. 

Despite your success, business exit and transition will present a unique set of personal and business challenges that are not experienced while building the business. While the people in your life may be focused on the joys of getting out... the big pay day, freedom, retirement... your experience is different.Your exit and transition is a deeply personal and often lonely experience that can feel out of control. From accounting to valuation to legal to wealth- there is no shortage of business information that will be required by people who will poke and prod you, your staff, and your business. Much of the business data can be very valuable, but very little of it is about you. Our simple PhD based transition readiness assessment is uniquely designed to focus on the readiness of you, the owner.

My Transition Readiness Assessment