Finishing Big Means Strategy

Transitioning is NOT an's smart business STRATEGY..

Don’t treat your exit as an event but instead as a critical phase of your journey whereby you must be strategic. It’s the most important phase and determines whether or not you get what you want out of your journey of building a essence...FINISHING BIG! 

Owners that proactively harness exit planning and value acceleration strategies can create an owner-independent, transferable business, immediately grow value, increase top-line growth, and emerge best-in-class business that is attractive in the marketplace now. 

Our 7 Step process creates a blueprint for you that provides you with clarity.  

We collaborate with business owners (& their advisers) whose business is generating over $2,000,000 in revenue and are within 8 years of an exit.  Yes within 8 years; these things take time and you have to prepare in advance.

 Our process helps you stay in control while you continue to have a business and personal life. We do the heavy lifting.


On the day of your transition, will you be absolutely certain that you will be able to sell your company:
• for the amount you want • to the buyer you chose • within your desired time frame?   

 We work collaboratively with internal and external partners to: 

• Advise the owner on strategies to maximize the value of the business pre-sale

 • Conduct tax mitigation planning to maximize net proceeds

 • Ensure owners and their families are personally and financially prepared for the next phase of their lives.    

This is the biggest financial event of your life! Don't you owe it to yourself and all other stakeholders (your family, employees, vendors and clients) to prepare for the next phase in your life? That's what FINISHING BIG is about. Find out how ready your business is by getting your Exit Readiness Assessment. Go to our home page and scroll down and click on the ExitMap logo.

About Us

Scott Martin, CFP®, Certified Exit Planner™


 Time is your greatest competitive advantage. Taking action now maximizes your transition options.  We are helping business owners Finish Big and join the elite few owners that exit on their own terms in their own timing and transition to the next phase of their life of satisfaction and significance.   

"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed." Proverbs 15:22

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