Your Business Transition: Are you prepared?

So you are one of the very few who’ve built a successful business…now what? 

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Are You Ready For What's Next?


Finishing Big means that your company can thrive without you. Can it?

Is Your Business Ready?

While statistics reveal that the number of successful owners is very small, there is an even more elite group among their numbers. It is the exceptionally small number of business owners who achieve a successful exit that they control.

You can beat the odds. You can join the elite few who have a regret free transition.

How Ready Is Your Business?

Are You Prepared to Exit Your Business?  S.D. Martin Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping you on your path to a successful business transition. We utilize The ExitMap® system to help identify priorities and organize action items for the greatest effectiveness. 

To get started, we ask that you complete a quick 15 minute multiple-choice questionnaire. Please note that you will not be asked for confidential financial information. Upon completion, a 12 page summary report broken down by category, will be emailed to you directly. After review, we will set a meeting to start the planning process where we will identify areas which will have the greatest impact on the value and transfer-ability of your business. 

About The ExitMap® Reports  The ExitMap® Assessment provides a Custom Summary Report on the readiness of an owner and his or her company for transition. The report focuses on four key areas of exit preparedness: Finance, Planning, Profit/Revenue and Operations.   The ExitMap® Analysis is a 40 page report with detailed feedback from each of your responses in the Assessment or $2,497.  It provides a comprehensive look at your business and indicates specific directions and priorities for a successful exit that may maximize returns. When you click on the button below you will be taken to a secure page. Please enter Scott Martin when filling out the name of the advisor section.

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